USB mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

USB mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan

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Product Description

USB mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan


1. Straightforwardly embedded into the USB interface does not require other force supply, low clamor, Naaptol less power utilization

2. Successful cleaning the dust between the PC console is difficult to touch

3. Outfitted with lights. So as to concentrate on powerful goal

4. The outline has customizable high deplete the heavier dust

5. Likewise can be utilized as case, Naaptol pakistan advanced cameras, screens, primary box and other IT items in dust expulsion.

Instructions to Use:

1-Simply associate the Vacuum to the USB port of your Laptop or Computer

2-Two Vacuum cleaning connections included – one swarm brush and one adaptable elastic. Naaptol in pakistan

3-Three switch levels – slid the change to the base to turn on the more clean

4-Use the console connection elastic to vacuum the dust and different particles caught underneath the console keys, by sliding the squeezable tube between keys. USB mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

5-Use the brush and suction tube connection for general cleaning of air vents (fans), screens and PC territories or dust on your desktop

6-Requires no outer power source, USB mini Laptop Vacuum Cleaner connects straight to any USB port. The LED marker light will on when you plug the USB to the PC port.