Natural Bamboo Slimming Suit

Natural Bamboo Slimming Suit in pakistan

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Product Description

Natural Bamboo Slimming Suit in pakistan

 Material: 80% NYLON 20% SPANDEX Features:

1) It is a progressive thinning and lifting underwear

2) Comfortable wearing firm control with no show through underwear lines . Naaptol
3) give you an attractive, awe-inspiring hour glass figure in a split second

4) Slim and lift makes you look inches littler and pounds more slender right away

5) It shrouds lumps, knocks and moves making you look tight and trim . Naaptol pakistan

6) Fit into your most loved pair of pants, smooth dress or custom-made tailored suits easily

7) You`ll feel great and sure wearing it

The fundamental impacts as takes after: Naaptol in pakistan

· Really entire bamboo charcoal body shaper! Not quite the same as the material of bamboo charcoal just in the stomach area and the territory false bamboo charcoal.

· Adopt extraordinary breathable and adaptable bamboo charcoal materials and Layca materials, careful workmanship and tough quality. Telebrand

· Sculpt flawless body rapidly. With more than 90 percent of the far infrared radiation, advancing digestion system.

· Exclusive patent of the shading change with temperature change when the temperature changes, instantly shading changes , truly feel the body is gotten far infrared wellbeing body shaper power!

· High versatility Phyllotex bamboo charcoal fiber emblazoned jacquard material include raspberries microcapsules solely.

· National bamboo charcoal selective – Telebrands Pakistan innovation, fine workmanship, high-review appearance. Exceptionally reasonable for high-class markets and business endowments, utilization of home wellbeing.