Luxury Massage Mat

Luxury Massage Mat in Pakistan

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Product Description

Luxury Massage Mat in Pakistan

Highlights :

Rich smooth stitched mat massager with warmth

Rub Mat Luxurious Silky Quilted Mat With Soothing Heat

Bolster Pillow , Naaptol

Rub Neck and Shoulders

Rub Upper and Lower Back

Relieving Lumbar Heat

Rub Legs

Rub Calves , Naaptol pakistan

Double Speed Controller

9-Massage Motors

4 Massage Zones

Reverse Mat , Luxury Massage Mat 

Sumptuous satiny knitted mat with mitigating heat

2 mats-in-1 Reversible , Naaptol in pakistan

Kneads, Soothing Heat, Support Pillow, Controller, Reversible Mat, Massage Zones and Home Adaptor.