Digital Pen Quran

Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan

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Product Description

Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan

Qur’an Features

Finish Holy Qur’an Book in very much printed Othmani textual style on valuable paper with wonderful spread.

Works just with the gave printed Qur’an book. Naaptol

Can choose distinctive recitation out of the 8 popular Qari Voice

Can point and read any Ayah or Surah of the Complete Qur’an

Select Surah from Qur’an or seperate Surah Index Card

Select/Play diverse day by day use Dua utilizing gave card

Capacity to store additional MP3 sound in pen of your decision

Control volume level from Pen , Naaptol pakistan

Rechargeable battery (with charger or USB)


Abdur Rahman As-Sudais and Sheik Saud Ash-Shuraim

Sheik Saad Al-Ghamidi , Digital Pen Quran

Sheik Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy

Sheik Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

Shaikh Maher Al-Mouiqlee

Sheik Siddque Al-Manshawi

Sheik Ahmed Al-Hudhaifi , Naaptol in pakistan

Quran Translation Audio Malay with arabic

Quran Learning Book and Dua and so forth

Aqeeda Book, Question and Answer , Digital Pen Quran

40 Hadith and Hadith Al-Qudsee