Blue Idea Magic Massager

Blue Idea Magic Massager in Pakistan

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Product Description

Blue Idea Magic Massager in Pakistan

 Back rub or back rub might be one contrasting option to dispose of exhaustion. Knead likewise can dispense with anxiety. Performed while kneading weight on certain focuses in the muscle (weight point), Naaptol is said to enhance blood dissemination until you feel fit once more. With back rub can likewise trigger the arrival of endorphins (chemicals that mitigate torment neuro). Thus, torment and obstructed blood stream and oxygen to the influenced zone increments. This causes the muscle to unwind (rest) and help recuperating.  Naaptol pakistan

Item Description:

Enchantment Massager is a massager instrument with fundamental science somatology (Body Anatomical Sciences) that serve to back rub all parts of the body, for example, the head, shoulders, back, hips, posterior, thighs, calves and feet with 7 distinctive back rub eye is utilized by capacity. Naaptol pakistan


1. Diminish exhaustion and make the muscles unwind.

2. Blood course

3. Build digestion system , Telebrand

4. Adjusting and adjusting the elements of the organs of the body.

5. Reestablish the body’s vitality

6. Unwinds muscles and nerves.


1. Outfitted with 7 distinctive back rub head.

2. Against Slip hold

3. Can be taken anyplace , Telebrands Pakistan

4. Prepared vibrate capacity and radiators5. Simple to hold and agreeable so utilize it.

6. Lightweight

7. Substitute the requirement for manual back rub.